Our Teams

Baja SAE

Bruin Racing Baja SAE is a student engineering organization which functions as a small manufacturing firm whose task is to design, fabricate, market, and race an off-road vehicle prototype that will be evaluated from a variety of manufacturing angles.

Formula SAE

Bruin Racing Formula SAE is a competition that challenges students across the globe to design, assemble, test, and race a prototype open-wheel vehicle.

Supermileage Internal Combustion

Bruin Supermileage Internal Combustion drives to be the most fuel-efficient internal combustion vehicle made by a student team. Our team trains all members in CAD and FEA analysis to build projects like Electronic Fuel Injection. We race annually in the Shell Eco-marathon.

Supermileage Electric Vehicle

Bruin Supermileage Electric is a student-led club building the world's most efficient electric vehicle. We design and build a practical, road-worthy car that can achieve 100+ mi/kwh. Our team is made up of students who are passionate about the future of urban mobility. We race annually at the Shell Eco-marathon competition.

New Members

New members can join Racing at any time! The primary New Member Training program takes place in the fall, though each team can transition you onboard individually. Fill out an interest form below to get in contact with one of our teams:


and contact Baja Managing Director Conor Sefkow: baja@bruinracing.org.


and contact Formula Managing Director Evan Garrison: evan.garrison@bruinracing.org.

Super Mileage Vehicle

and contact GV President Claudia Adelman: claudia.adelman@bruinracing.org.

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Why Join?


  Computer Aided Design (CAD)

   ×3D features
   ×Basic finite element analysis


  »Learn the theory behind composites including:
   ×Mold creation
   ×Ply orientation
   ×Number of plies
  »Work with materials like:
   ×Prepeg carbon fiber
   ×Dry carbon fiber
   ×Wet fiberglass
   ×Carbon fiber layups


  »Fundamentals of analog circuits:
   ×Passive components: Resistors, Capacitors
   ×Active components: MOSFETS, Diodes, Sensors
  »PCB Design
  »Arduino circuitry and programming


  »Operate standard machine-shop tools
  »Make parts on the mill and lathe


   ×Attend company infosessions for computer scientists and mechanical, electrical, aerospace, and material engineers.
   ×This year's infosessions included Hermeus Corporation, General Motors, Varda Space Industries, Moog, Aera Energy, Canoo, and more.
   ×Get accelerated access to internships and learn valuable skills to aid you in your career
   ×Socialize with your teammates on campus and take group trips
   ×Bond with members from other teams and destress


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Niko Bahm

Mechanical Engineering '23


As Director, I coordinate and conduct all team operations, represent the team to internal and external entities, and drive team development and projects.

  • director@bruinracing.org
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Qusay AlMaawali

Mechanical Engineering '24


As Treasurer, I am responsible for accumulating the material and financial resources to build our cars. I work very closely with our sponsors to make sure we have the material and manufacturing capabilities to complete the vehicles.

  • treasurer@bruinracing.org
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Marcus Calderon

Mechanical Engineering '23

Internal Vice President

As IVP, I plan social events within Racing and mixers with other clubs, maintain relations within Racing, manage our information sources (i.e. test bank, alumni database, etc), and communicate with HSSEAS and the MAE department to coordinate outreach and funding opportunities.

  • ivp@bruinracing.org
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Nick Khamseh

Mechanical Engineering '23

External Vice President

As EVP, I lead the External Committee to set up info sessions with industry, contact sponsors, organize community outreach events, and keep our social media content up-to-date and relevant.

  • evp@bruinracing.org
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Ellery Alkatob

Environmental Science '24

Public Relations Chair

As PR Chair, I run the social media accounts and meet with various campus and departmental entities to promote the Bruin Racing brand.

  • pr@bruinracing.org
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Emily Stenzler

Psychobiology '23

Media Chair

As Media Chair, I coordinate Bruin Racing branding, including merchandise, website content and promotional graphics. I work closely with the External Vice President and Public Relations Chair to create an interface between the club and the public.

  • mediachair@bruinracing.org
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Nazanin Iransamini

Electrical Engineering '23

Events Coordinator

As Event Coordinator, I coordinate and conduct all team operations, represent the team to internal and external entities, and drive team development and projects.

  • events@bruinracing.org
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Oliver Krause

Mechanical Engineering '25

Lab Manager

As Lab Manager, I address lab safety issues, manage the cleanliness of our lab space, and maintain Bruin Racing equipments, including machines, tools, and computers.

  • lab@bruinracing.org
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Frederick Krisman

Mechanical Engineering '23

Training Coordinator

As Traning Coordinator, I lead Bruin Racing’s general training program, teaching new members the skills needed to excel on our teams.

  • training.coordinator@bruinracing.org